Welcome to the Toolbox Community! We created this community and our “Building Your Teaching Toolbox” Book Series for educators in all school contexts! This is its origin story…

In attempting to create a book that would provide a comprehensive number of teaching tools to fill a teacher’s toolbox, we quickly realized one book would not suffice, so we created this five-book “Building Your Teaching Toolbox” Book Series that provides 30 strategies in each of the following four focus areas:

  1. Classroom Climate
  2. Planning
  3. Instruction
  4. Professional development.

The first book in the series, Adaptable Teaching: 30 Practical Strategies for All School Contexts, provides core strategies in each of these four areas and each subsequent book is focused on one pedagogical area at a time.

The second book in the series, Creating Positive Classroom Climate: 30 Practical Strategies for All School Contexts, provides tried-and-tested classroom climate strategies that can be used to facilitate positive classroom environments in any school context.

What makes this series special is that it is for teachers, by teachers.  We collected strategies from fantastic teachers all over the globe in a range of school settings.

This site is a place to learn and share great ideas with fellow educators.  Visit often to gather more information on our books and stories of strategies in action in varied school contexts.

Praise for the Toolbox Series

“This book offers a wealth of strategies, inspirations, and practical suggestions to provide support and guidance in the never-ending pursuit of strengthening teaching and learning. This isn’t just a ‘how-to-book,’ it is a ‘this is how I have done it’ book that offers teacher-developed, research-backed, easy-to-adapt practices that will be valuable to teachers who are new to the field and to all teachers striving to meet the needs of each student. Written with respect for teachers and an appreciation of the unique qualities of each classroom, Adaptable Teaching: 30 Practical Strategies for All School Contexts will build the toolbox of individual teachers and provide opportunities for rich professional discussion and collaboration. I cannot wait to dig into this book and series with my colleagues.”


“Now, more than ever, educators need practical and actionable strategies that they can use in their classrooms. While teaching is incredibly complex, by learning with colleagues and applying the research, all educators can improve their practice and help all children achieve new heights in learning and outcomes. In this new book, Jonathan Ryan Davis and Maureen Connolly have applied their own expertise and that of researchers and practitioners in such a way that all educators can benefit. You’ll find their strategies to be clear, applicable, and exactly what our educators need right now in order to ensure that all schools are great places for both students and adults to thrive.”