Book 1

This book is designed for all K-12 educators and teacher preparation faculty. Reading this book is like being in the room with 30 teacher mentors from different grade-levels and school settings who are sharing strategies for: (1) building and maintaining a positive classroom climate; (2) planning; (3) instruction; and (4) professional development. Discover step-by-step breakdowns of how to implement each strategy as well as professional reflections from contributors representing two different grade-levels and a range of suburban and urban settings from all over the globe.

Education students and novice teachers will learn from the in-depth descriptions of how to implement each strategy. Veteran teachers will be inspired by contributing teachers’ professional reflection regarding why and how they utilize each strategy.

Readers in ALL school contexts will benefit from narrative descriptions of each strategy in action, which bring to life the ways that the strategies have made an impact on student learning and teacher development. The adaptations modeled throughout the book, based on students’ and schools’ assets and needs, help readers to think about how to make each strategy a good fit for their unique classroom. If you are looking for practical ideas from the field, look no further – this is a book designed to build your teaching toolbox with strategies that you will use for years to come.

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