Toolbox Logo

Each of the smaller images within the larger logo correlates to a specific topic to be further explored in a book within the series. The design we chose for each logo is intentional and gives a glimpse into what you may find in each book.

Building a good classroom climate is critical for establishing a positive learning environment. This image captures a teacher and three students connected by a heart within their classroom, which symbolizes the importance of relationship building, love, mutual respect, and collaboration in developing an inclusive classroom climate.

A big part of a teacher’s role is planning. This image embodies how computers connect teachers with resources (including fellow educators) to develop units, lessons, and activities that are creative, meaningful, and related to students’ lives within the larger teaching calendar.

Teachers always hope for that “lightbulb” moment when they can see students learning and understanding. Getting to that moment often requires knowing the complex needs of our students and figuring out the best way to fit those puzzle pieces together. Therefore, we use the combination of the light bulb and puzzle pieces to capture the heart of instruction.

A marigold is one of the best flowers for companion planting. When placed beside another plant, it helps to protect it and make it thrive. The marigold effect is the impact of colleagues who can be supportive of us, energize us, and challenge us. Therefore, we use the marigold at the center of hands connecting for this image because Professional Development is all about connecting and supporting each other. This is the core of the Toolbox Community – a space where we are able to learn from one another and grow.

The Artist

Nelly Sanchez Aranda (they/them)

Get connected with Nelly through their instagram or see more of their work in their portfolio.